Established in 2005 in Carlsbad, CA

Wrestling camps across the United States are invaluable resources for wrestlers looking to enhance their skills. These camps offer a supportive environment for refining techniques, showcasing abilities, competing with various partners, and gaining a competitive edge for the winter season. We are confident that West Coast Wrestling Camps rank among the top choices for achieving these goals. Our team comprises of individuals who have not only reached the pinnacle of wrestling but are also deeply knowledgeable about the sport and excel in teaching high level techniques effectively.

Our team is made up of Olympic-level wrestlers, NCAA All-Americans, and NCAA champions. We take pride in the fact that these individuals stand out not just in their athletic abilities, but also in academic achievement and character. Their stories of commitment, discipline, desire, preparation, and perseverance serve as a source of inspiration for the upcoming generation of wrestlers, encouraging them to create their own success stories. We have designed three distinct camps, each targeting different skill levels and requirements of wrestlers nationwide.

At all camps, wrestlers will not just learn the skills necessary to improve, but will develop a plan to get to the next level. Wrestlers will take away a better understanding of position, technique, and what it takes to conquer the mental aspect of our sport. This camp will help you to be successful on the mat.  But more importantly, this camp will teach you that the principles and pathways to become a champion on the mat are the same principles and pathways to become a champion in life.