Wrestling Camps around the country are great tools for wrestlers who want to get better.  They provide athletes a place to improve their technique, to showcase their skills, to test themselves against different opponents, and to get the edge for the winter season. We believe that West Coast Wrestling Camps are expected to be one of the greatest camps in the nation. We have a staff that have all competed at the highest levels, have all become students of the sport, and have a gift for teaching technique in the most effective ways.

Our staff consists of Olympic wrestlers, NCAA All-Americans, and NCAA  champions. We are proud to say that all of these men not only excel in their sport, but also in class and character.  Their stories of Commitment, Discipline, Desire, Preparation, and Perseverance will inspire the next generation of wrestlers to their own success stories. We have designed three unique camps to focus on different levels and needs of wrestlers across the country.

At all camps, wrestlers will not just learn the skills necessary to improve, but will develop a plan to get to the next level. Wrestlers will take away a better understanding of position, technique, and what it takes to conquer the mental aspect of our sport. This camp will help you to be successful on the mat.  But more importantly, this camp will teach you that the principles and pathways to become a champion on the mat are the same principles and pathways to become a champion in life.



West Coast Wrestler is an extension of West Coast Wrestling Camps. In an effort to promote the camp and give it an identity, we have created our own brand name of wrestling gear, West Coast Wrestler. We have a wide variety of merchandise including, but not limited to; an array of t-shirts, shorts, hats, g-caps, beanies, and soon to come sweatshirts, sweatpants, and official wrestling gear. You can purchase any of the above items in our West Coast Wrestler Gear page of the website. Simply click on West Coast Wrestler Gear and purchase your gear today!