Q: What is the main difference between each camp?

A:  The Advanced Technique Camp will have 3 technique sessions, 2 motivational/mental training sessions, team competitions, optional morning beach runs, night camp activities and will have a 2 hour break in the middle of the day for use of the beach or rec hall.

The Intensive Camps will have 2 technique sessions and one live session each day, mandatory morning beach runs, 2 motivational/mental training sessions, team competitions, pool workouts, and night camp activities. The sessions will be faster paced and more intense. There is no down time. The Intensive Camps are not recommended for beginner wrestlers.


Q:  What is the camp registration deadline?

A:  The camp registration will remain open until the camp is full. Sometimes that is not until July, but in 2017 the camp was full by early May.


Q:  Can girls attend the camp?

A:  Yes we welcome both boys and girls at the camp. The girls will sleep in separate dorms with separate bathrooms.


Q:  What ages can attend the camp?

A:  Wrestlers must be 12 for the Advanced Technique Camps and 14 for the Intensive Camps. Some exceptions may apply with experience.


Q:  Can I bring my team? If so, what is the registration process?

A:  Yes you can bring your whole team! Groups of 10+ will receive $25 off each wrestler for the 5 day camps and $50 each wrestler for the 10 day camp. We recommend sending all team registrations together in one envelope…but if you are having them register individually online, please send us an email alerting us to the team registration so we know to apply the discount ahead of time.


Q:  If I bring 10+ wrestlers and register before the March 15th early bird registration, will I receive 2 discounts?

A:  Unfortunately no. Only one discount will apply.


Q:  Do I pay the coaches fee if I bring more than 10 wrestlers?

A:  No! You will receive 1 free coach for every 10 wrestlers that attend the camp.


Q:  When is my final payment due?

A:  Final payments are due 2 weeks prior to the start of camp.


Q:  Can I still attend if I am injured or unable to participate?

A:  Yes! You are more than welcome to attend as a student to take notes and ask questions. Still a great way to learn technique.