The Academy by the SeaAcademy_by_the_Sea_large, Carlsbad, CA

Camp Includes:

  • 6 World Class Clinicians
  • World Class Technique
  • Beach Runs
  • 2 Technique Sessions
  • 1 Intense Wrestling Session
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • 2 Wrestling Tournaments
  • Team Competitions
  • Team Building Activities
  • Beach Games
  • Pool Workouts
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Personal Testimoniesff


Warrior: /wawr-ee-er/noun – One who is experienced in battle. 

This camp is for those wrestlers tough enough to endure the full 10 days of intense, amazing workouts filled with motivational talks, character building activities, and high level technique taught by some of the most accomplished wrestling coaches in the country. This camp is designed to push wrestlers beyond their limits in order to take away the perspective that maybe goals can be reached that they never thought were possible!

The 10-day intensive training camp offers a similar amount of technique as the Advanced Technique Camp, but faster paced and much more intense. The camp will test you physically and mentally, providing an in-depth look at preparation, position, and execution of technique. Please come to camp prepared to wrestle hard!



West Coast Camp Champ:  

The top camper with the most points awarded will become the 2018 West Coast Camp Champ! Last years camp champ was awarded to a wrestler who displayed outstanding performance on and off the mat and excelled in all challenges set before him.  




The 10-Day Intensive Training Camp will be held July 30-Aug. 8.  

Check-in will be from 12:00 – 2:00pm on the 3oth. Check-out will be at 12:00pm on the 8th. Details will be e-mailed out during the month of June, but please feel free to contact us with any questions at any time.



Wrestlers must be 14 years of age or older to attend this camp (exceptions may be considered with experience). Female wrestlers are welcome and will be housed in a separate dorm.



The camp will be held at The Academy by the Sea located in Carlsbad, California. It is centered on a sixteen acre campus perfectly situated on the Pacific Ocean, thirty-five miles north of San Diego and eighty miles south of Los Angeles. Map



At West Coast Wrestling Camps we will be surrounded by world class athletes. They train elite wrestlers every day and know what it takes to be a champion. They specialize in breaking down each technique to the level of every wrestler and are excellent with all ages. We are proud to say that all of these men not only excel in their sport, but also in class and character. Their stories of Desire, Direction, Discipline, Diligence, and Dedication will inspire the next generation of wrestlers to their own success stories.

(Please note that due to changing schedules, not all clinicians are guaranteed to be at each camp. The quality of the head clinicans will stay the same).

Head Clinician: Mark Munoz  “I can think of no one better that I could recommend to work with my wrestlers. He is a wonderful role model and will have a lasting impact on every kid he works with.” Dan Hicks 



  • Resident Campers ……$1225
  • Commuter Campers …$1025
  • Coaches ………………$600

$200 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a spot (with registration form)  **Remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the camp start date**

Early Registration/Group Discounts:  Register before March 15, 2018, or bring a group of 10 or more and receive $50 off of each applicant.  Group applications must be sent in the same envelope. (Please note: Only one discount applies per applicant)

Registration will close when the camp is full!



Resident campers will stay in dorm rooms directly on The Academy by the Sea campus. There will be 3-4 campers in each room with close supervision. There will be 3 buffet style meals offered each day along with a camp store to purchase additional food items.



For those traveling by plane or train, there will be vans available to pick up and escort each camper to the Academy by the Sea. All flights should be scheduled into the San Diego International Airport. All trains should be scheduled into the Oceanside Amtrak Station. We recommend in-coming  travel be scheduled before 11:30am if possible, and return travel should be scheduled for after 2:30pm. Please call or e-mail us with information as soon as it is available. We will send a confirmation e-mail shortly after travel arrangements have been received.



Resident campers must bring:

  • personal items (towels, shower items, bacterial soap, etc…)
  • bedding to fit a twin size mattress (sheets, blankets and/or sleeping bags, and pillows)
  • wrestling gear (wrestling and running shoes and workout gear for 5 days)
  • swimsuits
  • an attitude of a champion

FYI: We will have a free laundry room available as needed. Laundry soap will be available in the camp store.






We will be using the beach for morning runs, team competitions, character building activities, and free time every day. During these activities, we will be using the sand area only! Ocean use is not required during any activity. Wrestlers may go in the ocean during free time only. Boogie boards will be available for use during this time. Life guards and camp counselors will be on duty at all times we have beach access.



We will be cross training in the pool each day. Life guards and camp counselors will be on duty at all times we have pool access. (Wrestlers will learn how to swim if they do not know already)  



Commuter campers will be expected to be in attendance by 8:30am to join in the morning session. Night sessions will end at 9:00pm. Because of the early start and late let out, all meals will be included along with a camp store to purchase additional food items. Commuter campers must bring wrestling gear (wrestling & running shoes and workout clothes), swimsuits, and an attitude of a champion.



Each wrestler will come away with expert knowledge on the sport of wrestling. All participants will be given a booklet containing the techniques taught during the camp, as well as a character file with several inspirational quotes, stories, and testimonies. The purpose behind this is to encourage the campers to become students of the sport. We hope that the campers will come away having had great experiences that will not be forgotten.

Please note that this is an advanced technique camp that will only allow you to reach a higher goal if practiced correctly and consistently. Consistency and hard work paired with world class technique is the key to a successful wrestler!



The campus offers a 24 hour security system, equipped with campus police and video monitors. Along with the campus police, we will have counselors assigned to supervise each wrestler. Although this does not guarantee safety, we feel we are taking the measures necessary to help the camp run as smoothly as possible. (Beach access is locked during non-use times and will be monitored by campus security 24 hours a day. We will also have life guards on duty at all times during our beach use).



All participants must have primary insurance and have signed the release on the application to attend a West Coast Wrestling Camp. We will also provide secondary accidental insurance by Camp Team Insurance, which is included in the camp cost.



We know that not all things in life go as planned, so campers may cancel at any time before the start of the first session. We do ask that you let us know as early as possible so that we may try to fill the spot. We will refund the amount paid minus the $100 non-refundable deposit. Once the camp begins, no refunds will be given.